Here is a petition for a Charter Amendment, six months to gather signatures.


Response to Comment

The following comment was posted on 8/26/2014

"I appreciate all of your efforts over the past few years in shedding light in places that no one wanted to have light shone. Haven't agreed with you 100% of the time but I still commend you for what you have done."

Still doing research and will soon be shedding more light where light needs to make things transparent. Working with others in hopefully bringing it to light within the next few months. HCC is still lacking in being as transparent as it should. HCC is the only government agency that spends more time in so called executive sessions than it does in public session. The question is why is that? The City of Houston does not go into executive session. The City of Houston does not prohibit speakers from talking about trustees or employees of the system. Why does HCC make real estate deals in the dark? Law allows it but it is not required. The more light one shines on a subject the less likely that corruption will be hiding there.


HCC Rumors - at least not sure what is true and not true

Rene Byas

Rumor has it that a hearing was held early this week and the Administrative Judge decided to split the baby and asked to the HCC pay half of her contract. According to the same rumors the maximum time is six months. It is believed that Ms. Byas had a salary of about 250,000. Therefore the buyout would be $125,000 plus any vacation and sick time accumulated by Ms. Byas. The total buyout if one includes other incidentals such as Social Security and Medicare that will have to be paid by HCC could be as high as $300,000.

It seems that HCC didn't win a thing as the lawyer fees and the fee to pay the Administrative Judge may have come close to what half of the buyout would have been. It seems that HCC the Lawyers are running the institutiton. HCC has three in house attorneys, one general council, and one special council.

One interesting rumor is that Rene Byas had been tape recording the HCC Trustees. There is certainly the possability that she recorded other people as well, such as , those she met with during the last six month or more of her tenure. Is it possible that she has some increminating information?

Why won't the "legals" apply?

The racists are always complaining that "illegals" are taking jobs from Americans but the truth is that time after time is that when jobs are available "legals" do not want the jobs. From an article in the Houston Chronicle;

"It's a catfight to get subcontractors to fully staff at your jobs," said D. Keith Oden. He added, "It's hand-to-hand combat."

The labor shortage has become so severe that the company recently started putting guards on job sites to keep its workers from being poached by competitors willing to pay more.

"We've had specific instances where people would come on site and try to round up workers," Camden's chief executive Ric Campo said in an interview. "During the World Cup, we actually put big screens on our sites to get people to stay. Source

Those jobs are back breaking type of work, here in Houston it gets very hot and not many people want to work in the heat. As they used to say Houston Hot.


New site, not by INSIDE to vent or post comments, here.

INSIDE will be posting less and less about HCC and probably not post as often. The reign of terror that started in 2009 and continued until recently is rapidly coming to an end. Hopefully HCC will now start to direct its' energy into education. It has been a long hard fight, I myself lost my job because of INSIDE, but don't fret as I had prepared for retirement and have more than sufficient skills to find work if I do need to work. For the last year I have enjoyed retirement doing things that I never had time to do during my 50 plus years of working. Actually they were much more than 50 years as summers were

Family Members taken in the 50s

dedicated to snapping cotton, starting at a young age of about 7. I learned to love school (Don't let anyone tell you that school is not work) as snapping cotton from sunup till sundown five days a week and half a day on Saturday was much harder than going to school. I remember only one summer vacation in my entire life beginning after first grade. I worked through college and worked through law school. I never knew how good not working (getting up and starting a schedule like the ants that we are) could feel.

May those at Coleman and those that suffered during the reign of terror pick up from where you are and march forward knowing that some of those students you are educating may be the leaders of tomorrow. That nurse may be the one that saves your life. That police man or fireman that you train may be there for you if you ever need them.

Remember to follow life and work like the tag line of a song, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you are with".

The one regret that I have is that the bad publicity that former Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores unjustly received by the liars and deceivers has not been corrected. But there were others for instance the police officer that was falsely accused of tampering with a government document and for four years had to think of his trial. There were other employees that were demoted or terminated because they spoke up about things that were not right. Gloria Walker was set up and her reputation ruined with the help of the Houston Chronicle. The Chronicle should be ashame of what it does to people. It destroys lives without looking at the details. They write falsehoods as if they were true.

God Bless all of you.


There should be a lot of very happy people after today's event at the Coleman campus.


Vince Ryan loses again

The judge denied the motion of the state (Vince Ryan). While the judge did follow the law, the judge took the liberty to basically call Dave Wilson a liar (lacking credibility) and by doing so basically said the jury was not too bright in deciding the case the way they did.

Has the Democratic Party become the party that attacks homeless and other down trodden individuals?

Interestingly the State made the argument that if a person did not live in a place that the city considered habitable then said person could not vote or run from such a location. I have to admit that I am baffled by that argument as the Democratic Party normally has been considered the party of the down trodden and the poor. The Democratic party via Vince Ryan now seems to be making the argument that a homeless person could never vote or run for office if he does have a place in which he or she lives, if the City deems the location unhabitable.

To White Republicans - Minorities are trash and animals

How does Texas bury immigrants found trying to better their lives? In trash bags, source.

How do White's refer to Blacks? Fucking animals, source.

Well maybe a lot of them are not like that, but when are the Republican politicians going to take those persons to task. Silence is acceptance. Where is the disgust for the inhumanity? Those that remain silent are as guilty as the ones that make the statements or bury them in trash bags.

The Asians should not be so smuck, it is only because you have not reached sizable numbers yet to bring the ire of the White Republicans.


Vince Ryan v Dave Wilson

The motion from the county to overturn the jury’s verdict  on the State of Texas vs Wilson will be heard Monday at 9:00 a.m., August 18,2014 in the 151st State District Court on the 11th floor of the Civil Courts Building. Public invited. The actual case is State of Texas not Vince Ryan but anyone with half a brain knows that this is a personal vendetta against Dave Wilson for his stand and actions against morality, homosexual life style. Whether one approves or disapprove of Dave Wilson's views is not relevant. What matters is the government is attempting to silence speech.

HCC the budget

HCC was saved by the increase in property values but yet still had to borrow several million dollars from the rainy day fun to make next year's budget balance. HCC continues to spend money like drunken sailors. One of the first trips a la Spangler and Tyler by the new chancellor will be a taxpayer paid trip to Vietnam. HCC is also predicting a three percent increase in enrollment for the Fall semester.

View from the prison where the United States is holding children

Recently a lawyer who was at Artesia, New Mexico discovered that one of the children that was being held was a citizen of the United States. He had been detained for about a month. If not for the attorney who was volunteering in all probability the child would have been deported.




Abuse of Children by the United States

Last month, National Public Radio reported that some of these children complained of being subjected to “abusive and inhumane treatment in U.S. Border Patrol stations in South Texas,” including frigid holding rooms known as “the ice box,” sleep deprivation, inadequate food and water and denial of medical attention.

Saul Martinez, a 15-year-old from El Salvador, testified at a Congressional Progressive Caucus hearing in Washington last month that after he was caught crossing the Rio Grande into Texas he was held with about 200 other children in an ice box for six days, according to an Arizona Republic report. Conditions were wretched and there was only one toilet for the 200 children.

A 12-year-old girl from Honduras testified at the same hearing that she had been better treated by the human smugglers who brought her to this country than by the U.S. immigration authorities, according to the report.

Gil Kerlikowske, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, did not dispute that some of the immigrant children had legitimate complaints about conditions in the holding cells, but said border agency officers had been overwhelmed by the influx of the youthful illegal immigrants. Source

What Do Fox Readers Really Think of Latinos - Source -Fox Allows it and Condones It

Shoot the illegal aliens and their sympathizers on sight.

Next time start shooting them, that will end a lot of this foolishness.

deport all of them to jail or Mexico they all are parasites. People need to be reminded what the law says 

The 3.7 billion Obama wanted for the 52000 illegal children crossing at the border equates to $70,000.00 per child.  If he took that same 3.7 billion, he could hire 52,000 border patrol agents at $70,000.00 per year, and that further equates to one machine gun nest every 200 feet along the Mexican border.  If it moves, shoot it. 

Those "protesters" should have been arrested too. I am sick of this pandering to these illegals and also sick of the actions of namby pamby goody two shoes folk on behalf of these invading illegals. The time is long past for shutting down the borders and stopping the over running of our nation by these people who seek to undermine our nation. Let's get serious and end this invasion rather than catering to these criminal parasites.

lawless folk do not respect the rule of law. Latino's disrespect our laws they refuse to speck English,they cross the border at will and a crimal gets a free pass.

Fox News is a racist organization that panders to like minded racists. For the Tea Party and the Republicans Latinos will always be Mexican and illegal first before they consider them Americans, if they ever do.

One of the First Americans Killed in Iraq was a Marine who had traveled here alone while a child

Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez


One of the first U.S. servicemen killed in combat in Iraq was not a citizen of the country for which he sacrificed his life.

Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, 22, a rifleman with the Marines, died in a firefight March 21 near Umm Qasr.

Born in Guatemala, Gutierrez held permanent U.S. resident status, which he obtained in 1999.

At 14, with his parents dead, Gutierrez followed the path of 700,000 of his countrymen to California. He made the 2,000-mile journey from his Guatemala City neighborhood without entry papers. He hopped 14 freight trains to get through Mexico. U.S. immigration authorities detained him. Source

Many of those now entering the United States care more about this country then the Racists in the Republican Party who always talk about wars but tend to not send their children.


New Chancellor - nothing changes

Employees at the bottom are the ones getting shafted by the big boys at the top. HCC employees working out of the County Jail seem to be without a job.

New Head honcho at the helm of the legal team, still having trouble getting open records information. Keep it hidden so that people will not know how incompetent HCC is.

Leave a message at a potential HCC student recorder and count it as a contact.

Only at HCC well maybe HISD can one expect the chiefs to have gotten to the top of their incompetences. By the way from voting records the Chancellors tend to be Republican. Here one would think that Republicans would be for more efficient government.


Wendy Davis strikes out at Greg Abbott



City loses at the Court House

A state judge yesterday granted an injunction preventing the City of Houston from enforcing the Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance (aka Houston Equal Rights Ordinance).

Federal Judge Miller sent the case back to State Court where the state judge granted the injunction, here.

The City Attorney claimed that it was not a victory as Annise Parker had already stated that she would not enforce the ordinance until? That is the question until what, we know that Annise Parker is not a woman of her word. She has no qualms about not telling the truth so it was a double victory as the move to Federal Court to delay the lawsuit failed and the injunction was granted.

The City Attorney also chuckled that it was not the judge ordering, nonsense. The City Attorney must think everyone is stupid if the City was stipulating and did not care why did it go the trouble of moving it to Federal Court?

Woodfill characterized the suspension as having been ordered by visiting State District Judge Jeff Shadwick, a suggestion that prompted a chuckle from City Attorney David Feldman.

"This is not the judge ordering us, this is the city stipulating that it would not enforce, consistent with the mayor's public representation," he said.

The Chronicle reporting is certainly questionable as to opinions thrown in as reporting;

"Opponents disliked protections extended to gay and Transgender residents, groups not already protected under federal discrimination laws, and promised to send the issue to the voters."

Please explain how allowing a person that looks like a man, dresses as a man, is a man, but claims that he thinks is a woman and can enter the women's bathroom is equal protection.

Dave Wilson - A vendetta by the County Attorney

Below is a letter to the editor that was published in the Houston Chronicle today. The author is Don Sumners.

A clear vendetta
Regarding "Harris County's persistence in HCC trustee's residency case is seen by some as piling on" (Page B1, Aug. 1), I suppose Harris County can technically be referred to as the plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking to have Dave Wilson declared ineligible to serve as Houston Community College District II Board Trustee for not residing in the district.

Questions about a political candidate's residence to qualify for a particular position have been around as long as I can remember. For years there was a question about deceased State Sen. Mario Gallegos' residence address.

As I recall, to qualify as a resident of his district he was registered to vote at his mother's home on the east side, while his wife lived at a home in Scarsdale off the Gulf Freeway ("Report rebuts election challenge. Says Gallegos' residency is not an issue based on state constitution, Page B6, Dec. 5, 2004).

In the 1991 city of Houston mayoral race a question arose as to the residence address of mayoral candidate state Rep. Sylvester Turner who lost to Robert Lanier. He was reportedly leasing a house in Houston with his wife living elsewhere ("Residency laws will prevent wife from voting for Turner," Page A37, Nov. 28, 1991).

You have to give County Attorney Vince Ryan credit for creative effort in framing his argument to prove Wilson does not reside at a warehouse apartment on West 34th St.

I am not an attorney but having worked at the Harris County Tax Office for 14 years and having served as the Harris County tax assessor-collector and the county voter registrar, I am very familiar with the applicable exemption/residence portions of the Property Tax and Election Codes in this case.

Ryan's claim that somehow the homestead exemption provisions of the Property Tax Code prevent Wilson from having a separate residence from his wife because a homestead exemption obtained by her on a home solely owned by her bestows a benefit on him is bizarre to this tax man. The Property Tax Code actually penalizes him by preventing him from claiming a homestead exemption on his separate residence as long as he remains married.

Besides, the definition of residence in the Election Code is the applicable law in this case. Trying to bring in the Property Tax Code to disqualify Wilson strikes me as a legal Hail Mary pass.

Regardless of how one feels about Wilson's actions leading up to the lawsuit, the jury has spoken. Ryan's legal theory is terribly flawed, and it is time to end the vendetta.Source

Don Sumners, Houston

Where could the County Attorney get such ideas about combining property tax law with election law? One possible source could be Richard Schechter, former HCC Trustee. In an email to the County Attorney's office he wrote;

"The point I was making earlier is that under Tax law a husband and wife can only declare one property as their residential homestead ... if that was really his residence , I am betting he would claim a homestead exemption, which would have to save him 1000s of dollars." Schechter is referring to the difference in value to Dave Wilson's residence on 34th street vs. the property that belongs to this wife.

According to the information that INSIDE received there were numerous communications between Richard Schechter and the Harris County Attorney's office.

Republicans talk about smaller Government - but spend like drunken sailors

The darling of the Tea Party, small government movement, treats his office as bigger is better. It seems that Ted Cruz's office is the most wasteful of all the Senate offices in the country, here. One can only imagine that he would run the country the same way. That is the problem with Republican they talk as if they will be different but they normally are much worse than the Democrats. What Ted Cruz does very well is pander to the Latino and Black haters of the Republican party. The Republican method has embolden Russia to emulate the Republican party by mocking the African race, here.

Houston time to worry about being outside - Chikungunya has arrived

According to the Dallas news Chikungunya virus was found on a mosquito trapped in Houston, here. Numerous cases of West Nile infections have been reported in Houston here.

Chikungunya is carried by mosquitoes that love to bite during the day, here. So we can choose our mosquitoes Chikungunya during the day or West Nile at night. We are feast for mosquitoes.

Rest assured that the Latino haters, mostly Republicans, will find a way to blame the children from the south. It does not matter that Ebola and Chikungunya are found in the Caribbean and Africa. INSIDE will blame the pink people, Whites, as they are the ones doing the traveling and returning with the illness and allowing themselves to be bitten by the mosquitoes. That sounds stupid doesn't it? But it is the same logic used by the Republican Latino haters.

Will Give Republicans credit for being Creative

Who would have thought that allowing homosexuals to marry could lead to incest?

Going further than commonly relied upon arguments in defense of same-sex marriage bans, more than 60 Republican lawmakers of the Texas Legislature have signed onto a brief arguing that such bans prevent “other morally reprehensible actions” from being recognized – including bigamy, incest, pedophilia and group marriage. Source

Those people that are already in a relationship of same sex partners had not been associated with incest in the past, why would it now? Leads one to think that the Republicans are pandering to the basest of the Republican Party the haters of the group that seem to control the Republican Party at this time.



City of Houston Sued

Petitioners seeking to overturn the Sexual Predator Protection Act wasted no time in filing suit to get the referendum on the ballot, here. As usual the Chronicle begins with a lie to prove a point. The lie this time is that the City Secretary Anna Russell finding that the petitioners failed to gather sufficient legal signature. That is outright lie. I wonder if the editorial board bothers to read its' own newspaper. In the front page they have an article titled, "Equal rights law foes sue city". The quote below is what the City Secretary found;

"In a memo to Mayor Annise Parker and the City Council, Russell said she had found 17,846 valid signatures."

In fact when questioned about the interference by the City Attorney, Anna Russell had this to say, "She cannot recall another instance in which city attorneys reviewed the pages of petitions".

INSIDE has not been shy about stating that Annise Parker is a liar. Annise Parker will resort to any methods legal or not to get her way including involving the city attorney's office. INSIDE predicts that after 60 years of service to the City that Russell will be retired before the Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker. Anna Russell broke a rule that a city employee cannot disagree with Annise Parker. The Proper way is to keep quiet or praise the Queen.

As to the rest of the editorial they did point out what many people already knew the growth has not been in the Houston area is has been outside Houston's city limits. Houston has been stagnant since Annise Parker has been mayor. If they think an ordinance that protects homosexuals and gives men the right to enter women's bathroom is a recipe for growth they are mistaken.

INSIDE has not problems with most of the ordinance, however, the City's ability to collect up to $5,000 fines is wrong. The inclusion that a man who thinks he is a woman can enter a woman's bathroom is wrong. We are not talking about Transgender men who for the most part look or dress like women. Cross dresser are not always Transgender. Annise Parker forgot or never understood that she is Mayor of all of Houston.


One has to wonder if Cesar, the new chancellor, is listening and if he is listening who is he listening to? There are serious problems at HCC this is not a time for timid people or people who are too timid to get in the fight for what is right. Cesar Maldonado needs to learn what great leaders do. I am sure the faculty can provide him with excellent sources of books and information. INSIDE will start with recommending the reading a book on Harry Truman, here. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, here, will be better accepted as Cesar is Republican, or at least one may assume as one of his positions was courtesy of Rick Perry.

Cesar is a powerful name the new Chancellor needs to perform to the level of his name.

DREAMers confront Rand Paul and Steve King. Watch their hilarious and offensive reactions.

DREAMers Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas stopped by a fundraiser in Okoboji, Iowa, to introduce themselves to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Iowa's Rep. Steve King, who is also known as an ultraconservative crazy person and rotten human being.

Rand Paul could not get away fast enough from the Dreamers, King did stay and manage to sound stupid but the vast majority of the Latino haters that reside in the Republican Party do tend to fall into the stupid category.



HERO (Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance) Repeal Petition Falls Short of Required Valid Signatures for Ballot

Fox 26 Take on the matter above, here.

KHOU 11, here.

Click2 Houston, here.

ABC 13, here.

Houston Chronicle did not have it online this morning.


From the Chronicle blog, this twitter account of Terry Grier (HISD Superintend) taking on the head of KIPP. Terry Grier needs to get a grip on things and quit making excuses for the sorry products that HISD tends to produce. Charter schools like KIPP are basically private magnet programs. How many Special Needs Children does School for Health Profession have? One main difference is that some charter schools such as KIPP and YES are doing a much better job that HISD is doing with the Magnet Programs and at a much cheaper cost.

What Do Starfish and Artesia, NM Have in Common?

Artesia is a tiny town in Southeastern New Mexico that has been thrown into the national spotlight because the federal training center located there has been turned into a make-shift detention center for women and children fleeing violence in Central America.  It’s dry, it’s dusty, it’s hot, and it’s nowhere near an ocean.  So, what could Artesia, NM possibly have in common with starfish?

Several years ago, AILA Colorado presented a Lifetime Achievement award to Betsy Bedient, an AILA Colorado member, who in addition to battling the USCIS for years, had just won her second battle with breast cancer.  During her acceptance speech, Betsy told a story about saving starfish, which is her mantra for her work as an immigration attorney.  She described being on a beach where a number of starfish had been stranded and the frantic efforts one person on the beach made to return the starfish to the water as soon as possible.  In the story, the person is criticized for a futile effort that wouldn’t make any difference.  The person responded, as she threw one back, that she made a difference to that one.  Betsy said that in her practice she couldn’t save them all, but she saved as many as she could and her work made a difference to those that she could help.  Our clients and the people we represent are like starfish.  We can’t save them all, but we can save them one at a time.  Saving starfish has become AILA Colorado’s motto.

And this brings us back to Artesia, NM.  The women and children stranded in Artesia are like the starfish on the beach.  Immigration attorneys from around the country are dropping everything, abandoning their practices, their families, and racing to Artesia, NM to frantically work together to protect these women’s and children’s due process rights.  It is hard work.  It is frustrating.  It is heartbreaking.  Yet, these attorneys are making the impossible possible – they are saving starfish!  And what’s even more incredible is that what’s happening in Artesia is starting to happen everywhere.  Immigration attorneys are volunteering around the nation, wherever they are needed, to help these women and children.   As a witness to these valiant efforts, I feel humbled, I feel hopeful, and I know that our efforts are not in vain.

Written By Lisa Helen York, member of AILA’s Board of Governors

OBAMA - IMMIGRATION - By executive action

President Obama is preparing to announce new measures that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation, a politically explosive decision that could jolt Washington just weeks before the midterm elections, according to people who have been in touch with the White House.Source

From a Friend



INSIDE calling for the Mayor of Houston to Join

When Annise Parker introduced and pushed through the Sexual Predator Protection Ordinance one of the reasons was all the other cities do it.

Well Annise Parker why not do like a lot of other cities are doing and start opening your arms (City) in becoming an immigrant friendly city like these cities. Why has Annise Parker been so quiet on the issue?

INSIDE is calling on the Harris County Democratic Party to open your doors and stop hiding from the issue. The Democratic Party locked the doors on the DREAMERS and refused to speak them, it is time that you all open those mouths for other things besides promoting homosexuality. Norm Adams a Republican is doing much more for the immigrant community than any of the Democratic elected officials.


INSIDE has heard that there is a $50,000 a page report that has come out that found that Carroll Robinson did absolutely nothing wrong. If someone has a copy of the report please send it to INSIDE.

INSIDE has heard that Rene Byas is appealing her termination and that a hearing will be held this coming week.

Hurts and People laugh




County intends to go all the way to the State Supreme Court with the Dave Wilson Case

The attorney handling the case for the county attorney Vince Ryan had the following statement in the Houston Chronicle;

However Judge Mike Engelhart rules after an Aug. 18 hearing, the dispute is likely far from over."No matter which way he rules, it's going to go to the appellate court for a better answer," Ray said. Source

Vince Ryan and his supporters in the Commissioner Court, he would not be doing it without their okay, are bound and determined to go after Dave Wilson. How dare a White man win in a Black district. How dare a Man who believes that homosexuality is morally wrong and speaks out about it not be punished by government. How dare a Man who has addressed the Commissioners for their cronyism win a seat without their approval be allowed to retain a seat he won in an election. There are many political figures that hate Dave Wilson and they may have good reason to hate him, but they should use private money to attack him, not public money.

The attorney representing the County made some interesting statements;

1. "I've been kidding around with people saying I'm going to put up a cot in my office and register to vote there. Who's to say I'm wrong? It's really come into focus since the case was decided … that a lot of people are looking at this as a license to basically ignore the rules."

If the county allows you to do that, and if you decide to call it your residence, and if you do stay there, then why not? You would not be the first to do that. Nor would you be the last, we have a Democrat running for judge now using a downtown law firm to run from. We have about 1,000 people voting from P.O. Boxes. We used to have a Democrat that had about 20 people voting out of his house. We have elected officials that live in other cities but claim to live here. We have a few City Council members whose houses are outside the City limits. We have a State Representative who has his house in another district, used to have house outside the district that was worth millions. If not mistaken half of the people that ran for District I lived outside the district. The person who presently holds District H was not living in the district when he ran. Christi ran from a commercial property and after winning rented an apartment. M.J. Khan represented a City Council district but had a homestead outside the City limits.

Notice I said if you do stay there, many of the folks that rent apartments or buy houses do not live there, but they represent the districts they were elected from. The truth be told that if actually having to live in a district was enforced some districts would not be able to get anyone to run.

2. He said the jury's ruling sent a message that "anything goes" when it comes to claiming residency to run for office or claim tax exemptions.

That is not true and you know that Mr. Ray, each case has its' own specific facts and if someone else with exactly the same facts as Mr. Wilson ran and won office the jury verdict would probably apply to them. But the verdict would not apply to the scenario you mentioned in statement number one in regards to the cot in the office joke you made.

3. "If Mr. Wilson can claim he lives in a warehouse at the same time he has a homestead exemption at another location, then anybody can claim to live anywhere.

Mr. Ray you know that the house has one owner only and that is the spouse of Dave Wilson. I guess you must be from the old school that women can not own property. Maybe you go way back and believe that women are chattel, do you?

Mr. Ray while it is listed as a warehouse you are fully aware that there are rooms on the second floor that can be used as apartments. Your own investigator who tailed Mr. Wilson for a week proved that Dave Wilson does in fact live in the warehouse apartment.

There is something terribly wrong with the County Attorney's office it has the smell of an outhouse.


Petition Instructions:



Please do not talk about personal matters, if someone is having an affair or you heard rumors of affairs this is not the right forum. If you have proof and it effects the colleges send it to INSIDE and we will investigate.


I am sorry but if you think someone has stolen something report it to the police, comments have been deleted.

Some people never learn, have permanently removed comment section. If you want to post contact INSIDE via the contact button.







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