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Decided that I will also put together a packet on Chris Oliver to present at the same time as the packet on Chevron, see below. The evidence that I was provided with is authentic it proves that the Chevron contract was a done deal prior to the May 1, 2009 posting. HCC had even selected the subcontractors that would be part of the contract. There is proof that Art Tyler was meeting with representative(s) of Chevron in regards to the proposed energy contract prior to the posting.


I have come across what I believe is proof (It looks authentic but will let the proper authorities decide) that the Administration in particular Art Tyler had met with and had already discussed the Chevron Energy Solutions Contract with a representative of Chevron (Brad Boerger) prior to the Request for Proposals. Included in the information that I have received is a list of sub-contractors. The meetings and list of sub-contractors are all prior to the posting for Request for Proposals. I have requested that HCC void the Chevron contract as it did not meet the minimum 14 day requirement. I have not had a response from HCC in regards to my request. With the new information in hand I will start preparing a packet to submit to the FBI and the District Attorney, therefore I will not be posting on a daily basis while I prepare the packet.

Mr. Transparency, Richard Schechtor, what say ye?


$400 an Hour and no intent to release report

Below is the scope and agreement between HCC and the law firm to do the investigation. The attorney was to be paid $400 an hour plus expenses. Remember the lawsuit that claimed that it is how HCC cleared people and in this case convict people in the media. Here is an agreement that seems to verify what that lawsuit states that an attorney client privilege was to exist thereby preventing the release of investigation to the public. There will be more about this agreement later, but remember this is a contract that cost almost as much as HCC will save by getting rid of counselors.



Basic Math the HCC Trustee Way

Below is a short video that I find hilarious. Watch the Houston Community College Board of Trustees try to pass an item. Makes you wonder how these group of people will shortly be voting on spending hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer monies. Maybe a course in math in Spanish such as matemáticas sin barreras?

I am hearing rumors that some employees are being asked to take blame for some of the actions of high administration officials. Please check with an attorney as what you may agree to could have criminal penalties. No job may be better than having to spend time in jail, check with a lawyer before agreeing to take blame. Also from the rumor mill;

"On Thursday, July 21, 2011, invitations were sent out by e-mail to certain HCC Employees.  This invitations is for a Social Hour with Chancellor Mary Spangler.  The event is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26, 2011, from 2PM-3PM, in the Chancellors Area on the 12th floor at 3100 Main.  Also sent was a questionnaire to all invitees asking, what is your favorite foods, what kind of movies do you like, and what are your hobbies."

Dear Chancellor just in case you decide to include me in your circle of friends my favorite movies of late, below, and books by Dan Brown Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Angels and Demons.



June 16, 2011 HCC Meeting - Kicking Debt Down The Road

Below is a video where the Board of HCC discuss the purchase of some property on Westheimer, here. It is a fairly long discussion, the video is about 7 minutes long, but it is worth listening to it as the Trustees seem to have no grasp as to what is going on. The feeling seems to be that it is not costing HCC anything. What is occurring is that HCC has negotiated to purchase some property for $8.3 Million (the property may or not be worth that much). HCC intends to borrow $10 million, $8.3 of which will be used to purchase the property and $1.7 which will be used to pay the loan (interest only) for seven years. At the end of the seven years the $10,000,000 is due. One of the trustee seems to not even understand how the $1.7 million will be used and has to be told several times before he grasps it. The same trustee asks if the papers in front of him are relevant to the purchase, he is later told no. I am not sure if they were or not but what is missing from the discussion is what is guaranteeing the loan. Normally a purchase of property is guaranteed by the land or property itself, but my reading of the material indicates that HCC has guaranteed the loan with student fees and tuition, so the bank does not care what the property is worth. HCC is borrowing $10 million and passing the debt to some Trustees and Administration to handle in seven years.That is the type of thinking that has created problems for our federal government. Trustee "A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence." I do not have much trust and confidence on the present board.

Dear Mr. Oliver, I suggest you read the Veselka Report especially the interviews as you need to find out who your friends are and who are not your friends, my dos centavos of opinion.



Have not mentioned Qatar in a while so I thought I post the minutes of the HCC meeting where Qatar was discussed, what was promised, what was asked, and I ask the question has HCC been paid and if yes how much? Who is charge at Qatar and to whom do they report HCC or the Supreme Education Council (SEC), there have been some changes with some people at the top either being fired or leaving? Here are the minutes of the March 8, 2010 HCC meeting. Keep in mind that is about the same time that Art Tyler, Mary Spangler, and Randall Wooten (President of Texas State Technical College-Marshall) formed Iceps. Dang Trustee Flores always asking so many questions if she only learned to be as compliant as the others she could be making a ton of money like some of the other trustees (my opinion).

Want To Avoid the appearance of impropriety Mr. Richard Schechter? Investigate the following from the Veselka Report.

Richard Schechter; "Trustee Schechter voted against keeping Ft. Bend Mechanical (FBM) . He felt if the Board did not vote in order of score rankings, then they should keep KBR in there .... He (Schechter) could tell FBM was a done deal." Mr. Richard Schechter it takes five votes if you felt and feel some thing is or was wrong why not investigate we do not want the appearance of impropriety do we?

Lynden Rose; "Mr. Rose stated that Chris Oliver began working for FBM. Before he did so, Trustee Oliver consulted with Mr. Rose, who told him to 'go to the Chancellor and put on file what you need to'." Mr. Richard Schechter here is someone stating that Chris Oliver was told to file a conflict and Chris Oliver seems to not have followed the advice, so why not investigate or censure Mr. Oliver? Why was this not on the Veselka Report to the DA?

Tony Garcia (G & G Construction); "Trustee Oliver asked to do clean up work for G & G while G & G was working on HCC West Loop Project." Mr. Richard Schechter that seems so improper is it legal? Why not do a complete investigation or censure Chris Oliver? Why was this not on the report to the DA?

Linda Richard (Aramark); "Aramark bid on the HCC janitorial work contract, which was awarded to ABM. Everyone believed that there was a connection between an HCC Trustee and one of ABM's subcontractors, CAM Services." Why was this not fully investigated Mr. Richard Schechter, do we or do we not want to remove the appearance of impropriety"

Have you read the entire report Mr. Schechter? Please do so as there are many things that make it seem that that there is culture of corruption at HCC to quote Jay Aiyer, "there was a culture at the College of Trustees have 'relationships with vendors." Keep in mind that this the same Jay Aiyer that plead guilty to campaign related charges, here. But don't you think that the statement merits some investigation, he said trustees, you may be included as you were a trustee at the time.

Mr. Oliver I do think you may have been setup, what do you think? The investigation was to be on the "Mexicans" right Mr. Oliver?

I want to thank the Houston Chronicle for being persistent in getting the Veselka report, but they have been very silent haven't they? Could it be that all the advertisement that HCC is doing presently is effecting their ability to provide unbiased reporting?

I want to thank the Attorney or Attorneys that sent the report to the DA thereby sharing the information and removing the client-attorney privilege, thereby making the Veselka Report available to the public.

Mr. Schechter I noticed that what I believe is your first fund raiser was hosted by Sylvia Garcia, will you be supporting her against Senator Gallegos? From Marc Campos;

"SD 6 (Gallegos) — Former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia is quietly mulling whether to run against Sen. Mario Gallegos, although no decision has been made or is necessarily imminent. Garcia reported $751,601 cash on hand as of June 30; Gallegos reported $71,190 cash on hand. They both use Robert Jara has their consultant, so it will be interesting to watch this unfold.

That ought to get folks talking within the local Latino community.  It will be interesting to see who blinks.  It will be interesting to see the alliances start taking shape.   This one is going to be fun to watch.  Meanwhile, watch your back out there!  That’s what friends are for.  So happy together!"


Chris Oliver "Interview with Veselka"

Chris W. Oliver on the hiring of Ft. Bend Mechanical; "...Dr. Tyler is, through Ike, he wanted trustees to give consideration to some people, and Trustee Oliver usually follows Administration's recommendations. Dr. Tyler recommended Ft. Bend Mechanical ... Oliver did not know anything about Ft. Bend Mechanical before they were presented for the JOC nor did he know that Ft. Bend Mechanical was a sub for Aramark ....

Could it be true? Yes, here is the reason it may be true, Dr. Tyler knew that the owner of the company that had the JOC contract was a close friend of Gloria Walker so Dr. Tyler may have wanted to take the contract from that person. Below is Dr. Tyler (Interview with Veselka) on the subject of Gloria Walker and RHJ (JOC at the time before Ft. Bend Mechanical).

Gloria Walker and RHJ; "A decision was made by the Board putting Dr. Tyler in charge of CIP instead of Gloria Walker, Dr. Tyler thumbed through the Alief project found out it was $7M over budget, Board was unaware. Dr. Tyler prepared a memo to Dr. Spangler in December. There was about $14-15M in things Dr. Tyler found questionable.

Dr. Tyler got propositioned by Eva Jackson, owner of RHJ, who told him 'I will make it worth your while in any way you like,' showing a lot flesh."

Chris Oliver on J's Quality; "Trustee Oliver heard of them last year when Administration said in a Board meeting they had projects they needed to get done and they had some money. Administration gave the Board a list of contractors and they voted ..."

Chris Oliver on ABM; "ABM was prime janitorial contractor during Hurricane Ike. Dr. Tyler told him to give consideration to ABM and Ft. Bend Mechanical for contracts ..."

From the rumor mill this email which I redacted


There are presently five discrimination cases that have been filed against HCC within the last two years and they are all under the department where the person at the top is the Vice Chancellor, Art Tyler. Folks this should tell you something. Rumor is that recently some departments under Art Tyler have received written policies regarding procedures for termination of employees. Think on that, most employees work at the campuses but there is not one single lawsuit pending from that group of employees. How much of this can the taxpayers afford? That is not including the settlements that have already taken place, again the vast majority have been under the departments where Art Tyler is at the top. Two other cases are not discrimination, but the person at the top is still the Vice Chancellor, Art Tyler, one is a breach of Contract and the other is in regards to some property that the College may be paying too much for.

Houston Independent School District has no discrimination cases pending.

San Jacinto has no discrimination cases pending, I could not find a single lawsuit pending for the last two years.

The Carlton Lawsuit is interesting reading as she alleges that HCC has a habit of hiring lawyers to keep it private, not allow the public to find out what is happening, and that said lawyers are always friends and that their findings are forgone conclusions against the persons they are to investigate. She further makes a very interesting allegation against Chris Oliver.

25. The next attempt to deter her was Board of Trustees Chair, Christopher Oliver, standing near where Reed was standing in a hallway and making very sexual rude "animal humping" sounds at her ...

28. A typical HCCS investigation to whitewash Oliver's misconduct was staged ....

The Zimmerman Report is one such investigation that was launched not to whitewash but to use it as a method to ruin the reputation of the only Trustee that was questioning the Administration. Zimmerman makes a finding that there is a pattern by Trustee Flores but yet only two maybe three persons make the allegations, but Zimmerman failed to even ask Trustee Flores to respond to the allegations. How in the heck could someone that is fair and impartial (Zimmerman) not even bother to ask the person that is being investigated to appear and answer some questions. Veselka that conducted a much more extensive investigation did not find three such persons he only found Yaffee/Deuster (Brad Deutser) who basically repeated the same things he told Zimmerman. Remember that Yaffee/Deutser has a 1.7 million dollar contract with HCC and that Brad Deutser is very close to Chairman Richard Schechter. In fact if we let our objectivity get in the way a Mr. Alvin L Zimmerman has had a malpractice claim filed against him and another claim that alleged fraud.

The more I investigate what is going on the more I am convinced that there is a pattern to remove people that can or would report improprieties at HCC community College. They are putting fear in the the employees that are there, fear of losing their jobs for reporting illegalities or improprieties. I am convinced that the majority of the Board is involved with the administration.







201137943 - WILSON, DAVID BUREN vs. AUSTIN, BRUCE A (Court 215)



14 Days the minimum amount of days allowed by law for posting by HCC, this was over a $6 million contract

On the same day that Richard Schechter was stating we don't even want the appearance of impropriety the young man in the video below spoke before the Board. He was complaining that HCC did not allow sufficient time for companies to prepare bids. It is my understanding that there were at least two other persons that were signed up to speak but may have been dissuaded from also speaking regarding the matter. The vender that received the bid has recently been in the news, here and here. Please tell us again Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter how you want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Mr. Schechter you have been on the Board since 2005, but yet you have to promise that next time you and the other trustees will pay more attention to the contract. I think that you and the Board did pay very close attention to the contract and that is why it was limited to 14 days, you knew who you wanted Mr. Schechter. Just like Chevron which did not even meet the 14 day requirement, you and the Board knew who you wanted. You Mr. Schechter in that case even stepped out of your norm of preferring the highest point bidder to support Chevron. Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter please tell us again how you want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

The losers in this consistent theme of supporting friends and benefectors are the students, faculty, and taxpayers. The students were hit with the highest tuition increase in the history of HCC. The faculty is losing pay and positions and the taxpayers may be paying more than they should, i.e., the property that is now the subject of a lawsuit.

Will soon discuss the credibility of Yaffe/Deutser, but I will point out that the proposal which was given to Yaffe/Deutser did have some controversy it also had a 30% or 35% minority component that Yaffe/Deutser seems to think does not apply to them as they have never come close to meeting the goal. In fact they went crying like babies to HCC when some minorities proposed a 35% share of the contract.

It seems that the Chronicle is the one that is uploading information to scribe in regards to the "Mexicans" Zimmerman Report and Veselka report, but the Chronicle has been very quiet since the release of the full Veselka report, they went to the trouble of asking for the report and now they silently sit on it because it shows the extent of possible corruption at Houston Community College. Money (advertisement by HCC) buys their silence.




Lawsuit 2010-79335

Below is part of a lawsuit has been filed against Houston Community College. It seems that there is a pattern when someone complains about what may be considered illegal activities, for instance Johnjay Portillo, here, here is where J. Portillo wrote the letter; and Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores, here, did two things that bothered the administration Trustee Flores kept questioning the Chevron contract, here, and she voted to remove Mary Spangler, she brought up Iceps, here.. There are at least two other lawsuits besides the one below that are presently pending against HCC basically alleging the same thing of retruibution for exposing illegal activities.

I received an email that Richard Schechter and others will be meeting with Katy residents, I wonder if they will try annexation? Rest assured that some us will be working against it and any bond issues until HCC gets its house in order.

The server in the sky was out for some time yesterday.


Interview with Art Tyler on Aramark

"Mr. Herrera told Dr. Tyler that, when the original HCC/Aramark contract was done in 2005, the HCC Board pressured his predecessor into taking on HUB (Historically Underutilized Businesses) partners. Dr. Tyler asked who they are and what do they do. Mr. Herrera said they pay four people ... Dr. Tyler asked for the invoices, Mr. Herrera said there aren't any. Mr. Herrera said that when Aramark was chosen in 2005, Board members told them they would select the HUBs and Aramark would pay them. Mr. Herrera showed Dr. Tyler some documents where there was an attorney selected. Dr. Tyler understood that Aramark was just paying these folks out of their profit margin. Dr. Tyler said he could not do anything about it. Mr. Herrera said they are paying them because people on the Board said that Aramark's only was to get the contract is to pay those folks. Mr. Herrera sent him copies of their agreements."

Dear Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter if you want to avoid the appearance of impropriety why is the above not being investigated after all Art Tyler is a credible man? Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter if you want to avoid the appearance of impropriety why is the Chevron contract not being investigated, less than the minimum fourteen day posting? Chevron Energy Solutions/Viron has been involved with other institutions in Houston in the past, here. In fact Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter you have held your position as trustee since 2005 why did you suddenly become so concerned with the appearance of impropriety? Many if not all of the incidents of impropriety happened while you were there.


Interview with Reynald Pradia on Neeta Sane

"Reynaldo Pradia has been with HCCS for 8 years. ... is currently Executive Director of Construction and Program Management ... Mr. Pradia's was (used) direct report was to Dr. Tyler, the Vice Chancellor. ... "Mr. Pradia further reported that Trustee Sane had tried to influence him to use certain contractors."

Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter why not investigate Trustee Sane, why not launch a full scale investigation on her? After all your friend Zimmerman and Veselka both claim that Art Tyler is a credible person? Don't we want to remove the appearance of impropriety?

I will give you my take on why Trustee Sane seems to appear so often in the Veselka report it is because it is no secret that she would prefer that Mary Spangler and Art Tyler would be gone. I believe and think that I can prove that this began as a vendetta against the three ring leaders that tried to have Mary Spangler fired. I believe I have already shown that HCC is ripe with corruption and I believe that Trustee Flores was asking too many question, Iceps, Chevron, etc ... I will go into the time line at a later time but let me quote Art Tyler (who is a credible person, more on his credibility later) ... Dr. Tyler from the Veselka Report "In January 2010, after failed attempts by some Board Members in December 2009 to fire Dr. Spangler and after Mr. Davila goes off Board, one of the attorneys showed Dr. Tyler a document showing a connection Mr. Davila and J's Quality. ... Dr. Taylor shared the information with Dr. Spangler. They started the compliance people on "peeling back the onion."

Mr. Chairman that onion revealed a lot but it pretty much was focused on three people that wanted Mary Spangler out, why is that Mr. Chairman, after all Richard Schechter the Chairman of the Board wants to remove the appearance of impropriety.


Rumor is that HCC sent out a memo that the counseling reorganization would save $400,000, maybe, maybe not, but at least lets us deduct the $300,000 paid to the consultant first.

I want to remind everyone that the statements that are posted here were not under oath, not that (under oath) converts a liar into a truthful person only that they had no reason to fear perjury charges.

Art Tyler on Neeta Sane/Bobby Singh from the Veselka Report

"... When Dr. Tyler got to HCC, he met with Bobby Singh to find out about his business. Mr. Singh told Bill Carter many times that he had connections with Trustees and that he could get the votes. Dr. Tyler went to Dr. Spangler about getting Mr. Singh out. He met with Dr. Spangler and Mr. Singh in 'this' office. This effort started a backlash with trustees. Neeta Sane became very concerned and 'threatened' Dr. Spangler and Vice Chancellor (Art Tyler) that is some things didn't happen, they might be fired. There were some very difficult Board meetings but Mr. Singh got the contract anyway. Dr. Tyler raised serious concerns about it (the contract was added to the budget for $1.5M) and the issue almost got Dr. Spangler fired. But Dr. Tyler didn't care because 'right is right' and 'wrong is wrong.' The type of service involved was business continuity. Dr. Tyler knew that $1.5M was too much for the project. He briefed Dr. Spangler and she briefed the Board and 'all hell broke loose.' Jarvis Hollingsworth told him that the Board could contract with Mr. Singh legally .... Mr. Singh the contract doesn't meet the legal test. But Mr. Hollingsworth blessed it."

Interview with Bill Carter (Vice Chancellor of IT)

"In 2006, Campus Works was hired as an outside IT consultant to assess IT staff, reorganize IT department and make new assignments, and re-do all infrastructures in network planning, etc. Global Times, owned by Bobby Singh, was a subcontractor to Campus Works. Mr. Singh, however, wanted Global Times to be the primary contractor. He was friendly with the board and Mr. Carter felt that Singh insinuated that he had contacts on the Board of Trustees that would help him. Campus Works filed a cease and desist order against Global Times, alleging that Singh had asked for donations from Campus Works on behalf of a board member, insinuating that it would be necessary if Campus Works wanted to continue as the primary contractor.

With respect to construct projects, Singh as two companies: Isani and Asani (could not find that company). Isani is a subcontractor under PGAL, contracted to do classroom technical and network equipment. Singh also has contracts with HCCS for intranet work. Mr. Carter has heard rumors about Singh providing kickbacks, but nothing specific.

in 2008, Mr. Carter attempted to bring all IT services in-house but was circumvented by Global Times because it was allowed to present to Board of Trustees first and Board selected Global Times for a renewed contract."

Interview with Hector Carreno (Attorney Vidal Martinez the same attorney represented Art Tyler and Mary Spangler during Iceps)

"... Bobby Singh told the Trustees to cut half of Mr. Carreno's participation in the sharing of revenues under the Aramark-HCC contract and give it to another HUB vendor. Mr. Carreno's contract was never renegotiated to cut his percentage share. According to Mr. Carreno he received a bonus because Mr. Herrera (Aramark) believed he was doing a good job. Mr. Carreno stated that Lynden Rose did not do any work for Aramark. He believes that Mr. Rose, Mr. Singh, and Mr. Wilson have profited from the HUB partnership without having to provide any service."

Please Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter tell us again how you want to remove the appearance of impropriety. Will you launch an investigation based on the Veselka Report on the above? Or maybe you can launch and investigation into the Chevron deal? Or an investigation on Chris Oliver? Or why not have yourself investigated Mr. Chairman, I find it puzzling that out of all the attorneys that are in Houston two Jewish Attorneys that you know quite well were chosen. Please Mr. Chairman Schechter tell us again how you want to remove the appearance of impropriety. $8.5 million for a property that was appraised at $2.6 million does that not merit an investigation. Or paying twice the amount that the property of Planned Parenthood was worth? I believe that merits an investigation, after all Mr. Chairman Richard Schechter you want to remove the appearance of impropriety before you go out for those $500 million bonds next year. Investigate Iceps, it merits a full investigation as to why Art Tyler and Mary Spangler formed that company.


I want to thank all the people that have linked to my site, those links are important as what is written here goes up in rankings, especially in google. Type Qatar and HCC and Inside HCCS will normally be in the top 10.

Rumor is that Art Tyler met with the faculty and when asked how much money the Counselors restructuring would save that he stated nothing but that it would give the appearance that HCC was doing some thing to balance the budget as HCC will be going out for bonds in 2012. It has become in vogue to go after the employees in balancing budgets.

Coming next Art Tyler comments.

Who told the Lie, Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka?

Watch the short video below and listen to what Richard Schechter states. I will prove to you that either Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka (it could be both) was not telling the truth about Chris Oliver doing only one minor thing wrong.


From the Larry Veselka interview of Bobby Singh (a subcontractor with an HCC vender)

"...When asked about the Super Bowl tickets he provided to Trustee Chris Oliver, Mr. Singh became uncomfortable, spoke privately with his attorney, and asked to adjourn the meeting." Continued interview ... "Trustee Oliver asked Mr. Singh for Super Bowl tickets. Mr. Singh stated that he was not aware of any reason why he could not buy tickets of Oliver. When shown the potion of the Aramark contract regarding gratuities, Mr. Singh stated that this would have been a a 'beautiful' way to get out of providing the tickets to Trustee Oliver ..."

There are at least two things wrong, besides creating the appearance of impropriety.

It could certainly be considered a bribe by the majority of the average person. Here, is the law on gifts to public officials, the relevant part is on page 7.

The other problem with this is that Chris Oliver never, let me repeat that never reported that gift in his campaign reports. In fact Chris Oliver made $18,000 disappear from his campaign funds without ever reporting what happened to them, here.

The soliciting of Super Bowl tickets by Chris Oliver was not in the report to the District Attorney, why? I believe it was because it was a witch hunt, the rumor was that when Veselka expanded the scope of the inquiry that Michael Williams, who was board chair became very upset and stated that the scope had to stay on the "Mexicans."

The Board at HCC under the leadership of Richard Schechter and Michael Williams were out to get the "Mexicans" in particular Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores and former Trustee Abel Davila. The two Board Chairs mentioned above and the rest of the HCC Board and administration were so unethical and unprincipled that they even went to the extent of releasing a version that was not what was sent to the District Attorney (DA), here is the one they released to the public on May 19, 2011 and here is the one that was actually sent to the DA. It does not matter which version you read there is nothing that mentions the Super Bowl tickets solicited by Trustee Chris Oliver. The whole thing involving Abel Davila and Yolanda Navarro Flores in my opinion, which is based on much of what I have written on HCC, was an intentional distortion of facts to destroy the reputations of the two "Mexicans" in the eyes of the public by the Richard Schechter and Michael Williams as Board Chairs and the rest of the Board and the two top administrators of Houston Community College. Later I will go behind the scenes to the source of many of the rumors, a State Senator that may have been out to destroy potential individuals who may become opponents.

Also on the Veselka Report on Chris Oliver, Chris Oliver solicits jobs for himself from HCC venders

"... Mr. Oliver's approaching other HCC vendors (Aramark and G&G Construction) about hiring his company on non-HCC projects ..." Tell us Richard Schechter how you want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety! Only one thing wrong by Chris Oliver, Richard Schechter? Who is lying about the report to the board, Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka?

Chris Oliver and Conflict of Interests

According to the Veselka Report Chris Oliver signed his Conflict of Interest with Ft. Bend Mechanical on April 21, 2009. Chris Oliver failed to note that he had been on payroll for at least one month and had already received over $10,000 in payments.

Here is a letter sent by Ft. Bend Mechanical, it is dated April 12, 2010. In the letter two things stand out;

(1) is that Pete Medford, CEO, states "I have attached a copy of a form I have received from the State of Texas, Secretary of State, and attached the form to this letter ... in question to Ft. Bend Mechanical's on going relationship with a minority contracting firm named 'Full Moon Services' this company has performed work for Ft. Bend Mechanical on HCC projects, but I am not aware of or know of any relationship with this company to any current or past HCC trustee, or spouse that is related to the ownership of this company, all documentation that we have indicates this company is solely owned and operated by John Farrar and all paperwork this firm has filed with Ft. Bend Mechanical has been to this effect that John Farrar owns this company." HCC knew that Trustee Flores had no need to file a conflict of interest but HCC chose to intentionally go out to destroy Yolanda Navarro Flores reputation.

(2) Ft. Bend Mechanical had to file an amendment to one of his conflict of interest that he had on file. He initially had indicated that Chris Oliver was doing work for Ft. Bend Mechanical in 2007, here. The interesting attachment is the Conflict of Interest that is dated March 3, 2009. That is dated one day before Chris Oliver received a payment for $5,000. Here is the list of payment that Ft. Bend provided to Chris Oliver (Tekoa). Interesting enough Chris Oliver has on file a Conflict of Interest that is dated April 21, 2009, here. Who lied Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka? Chris Oliver only did one minor thing?

Chris Oliver may have started getting paid right after Ft. Bend Mechanical was moved from 6th place to the top three (3), here.

From the Veselka October 22, report, "In January 2009 or early February, Pete Medford at Ft. Bend Mechanical asked Trustee Oliver's business, Tekoa Property Management, to perform clean-up work at a few projects Ft. Bend Mechanical was doing for Ft. Bend ISD ..."

Here are the minutes from the December 11, 2008 meeting where Ft. Bend was awarded one of the JOCs, notice that Chris Oliver was very involved in the discussions. Here are the minutes where Chris Oliver made the motion to move Ft. Bend from 6th to one of the top three. Please tell us again Richard Schechter how you want to remove even the appearance of impropriety. If that were so you censured the wrong person but than maybe your aim was to destroy the reputation of Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores not to remove the appearance of impropriety.

Is Chris Oliver to be feared? Did Chris Oliver know he had to fill out a Conflict of Interest?

From the interview of Rene Byas (HCCS General Counsel), "Some one called and told her that Trustee Oliver was working for Ft. Bend Mechanical. She asked the Chancellor about it, and spoke with Board counsel, Jarvis Hollingsworth. Mr. Hollingsworth told her that Trustee Oliver would be angry if she called him about filling out a Conflict of Internal Disclosure ..."

From the interview with Jarvis Hollingsworth (HCC Board Counsel); "According to Mr. Hollingsworth, during a Chairman's year on the Board, he and the Chair usually become close because they are busy doing things together .... Mr. Hollingsworth told Trustee Oliver he needed to put disclosures on file ... Conflict of interest disclosure is part of the annual training so the trustees should be very familiar with it. He puts a binder together for training every year, which includes codes, law, etc. Gene Locke trains them every year on ethics ... According to Mr. Hollingsworth, there have been times when FT Bend Mechanical came up during Board meetings and he had to remind Trustee Oliver to leave the room ..."

Please tell us again Richard Schechter how Chris Oliver only did one minor little thing wrong, so who lied Richard?

Chris Oliver only did one minor thing wrong is that right Richard Schechter?

One has to go no further than the video that is posted above. After the video ends you will see another film where Chris Oliver makes the motion to increase the amount that will be paid to Ft. Bend Mechanical, it is only when Jarvis Hollingsworth talks to him does Chris Oliver leave the room. Please Richard Schechter tell us again how it was only one minor thing that Chris Oliver did. That film where Chris Oliver makes the motion can be found here. Here are the minutes to the April 22, 2010 Board Meeting you can see that Chris Oliver made the motion that got the increase in work for Ft. Bend Mechanical (Bruce Austin voted for the Build-Out, Bruce Austin works at TSU and should have abstained from voting on the item. Bruce Austin has voted numerous times on contracts where he has an interest either as an employee or a director. But Bruce Austin is not one of the "Mexicans" that HCC was out to destroy by tarnishing their reputation). Right around that time Chris Oliver's pay check from Ft. Bend Mechanical jumped to $8,000 per month. It was also about that time that Ft. Bend handed out about $10,000 each to several Trustees, some reported it some did not.

Finally the one minor thing that Chris Oliver did, the Chevron deal

From the Oct. 22, 2010 Veselka Report

"During the early consideration of the Chevron ESP Contract on April 7, 2009, Mr. Oliver informed Dr. Tyler's assistant that Ft. Bend Mechanical was one of the subcontractors selected by at least some members of the Board to be hired by Chevron ... Mr. Oliver did not disclose to the Administration or to other Board members his business relationship to Ft. Bend Mechanical at the time ..."

Mary Spangler and Art Tyler actively lobbied the Trustees by asking them to submit subcontractors to the Chevron contract. If you recall Chris Oliver was active in the selection of Chevron knowing full well that he a disclosure problem, Chris Oliver still voted for the Chevron Contract. Chris Oliver had just signed a conflict of interest but a few days earlier when he voted on the Chevron contract, knowing that Ft. Bend Mechanical was going to be a subcontractor.

Late in 2009 the JOC contract came up again and Chris Oliver did his statutory duty so says the May 18, 2011 Veselka Report (but not worded the same in the Oct. 22, 2010 report), "Having the conflict disclosure form on file Mr. Oliver complied with statutory duty and did not participate in the consideration or vote on the contract award.

So tell us Richard Schechter how Chris Oliver's conduct does not rise to the level of Trustee Flores? You had documents in your possession that indicated that Ms. Flores son did not receive HCC contracts, but you and the HCC Board chose to ignore those documents. For two years you, Richard Schechter, and the HCC Board have hounded Ms. Flores with false allegations tarnishing her reputation for no reason. You, Richard Schechter, have more to explain than Trustee Flores does; you, Richard Schechter, made the motion to hire Zimmerman, you, Richard Schechter made the motion to hire the firm of Larry Veselka; you, Richard Schechter, made the motion to extend the contract of Yaffee/Deutser (did you know that he did not have a conflict of interest on file? They are all your friends Richard Schechter, they are all Jewish like you Richard Schechter, but you, Richard Schechter want to avoid the appearance of impropriety? In fact Richard Schechter they sent Brad Deutser to you, in your own words, "Mr. Deutser complained to former Trustee Davila about it, who told him to call Trustee Schechter since they were close." From the interview with Richard Schechter.

In fact the contract to extend Yaffee/Deutser has no conflict on file by Yaffee/Deutser, here. They placed the contract out for proposals and then without much discussion gave it to Yaffee/Deutser, there was some controversy, here, is the Attorney General's response to request for open records. Later I will explore the comment made by Richard Schechter, "Brad Deutser is credible".

Chris Oliver on Chris Oliver, based on the interview with Larry Veselka, "Trustee Oliver's understanding from Dr. Tyler is, through Ike, he wanted trustees to give consideration to some people, and Trustee Oliver usually follows Administration's recommendations ... Oliver did not know anything about Ft. Bend Mechanical before they were presented for the JOC contract nor did he know that Ft. Bend Mechanical was a sub for Aramark ... Chris Oliver said that they (Chris and Ft. Bend Mechanical) had no business together until the Conflict of Interest disclosure was filed.

Bruce Austin (Veselka Report) on Chris Oliver, Ft. Bend Mechanical, and Art Tyler; "The Job Order Contract (JOC) disturbed him. The first time it came up was a Board meeting discussing Hurricane Ike. Around that time was when an RFP for the 2009 JOC contract was coming up. Trustee Austin recalls discussion about RHJ not being around to assist HCCS after the hurricane and how Ft. Bend Mechanical (FBM) helped get the college back up and running ... One of the trustees said they talked to Dr. Tyler about who did work for college (after Ike), then this contractor FBM who came up very low on the score list, was brought up ... Trustee Austin found out later it was the same trustee (Oliver) who actually worked for that company and should have recused himself from voting on the issue ..."

"A second issue came u during the last JOC contract, when he heard the committee made a decision on a different order of scoring. Trustee Austin asked Dr. Tyler for a copy of score list which the chairman of the committee gives him with the final decision. Trustee Austin received a copy of a retyped list ... a copy of the original list was never provided ... Trustee Austin said Dr. Tyler is an avid golfer who plays with Trustee Oliver, which may lead Dr. Tyler to favor a company who has a relationship with that particular trustee ..."


1) We know that either Chris Oliver lied about when his relationship with Ft. Bend Mechanical (FBM) started as his disclosure is dated April 21, 2009 yet Chris Oliver received his first check on March 4, 2009.

2) According to Bruce Austin, Chris Oliver had a relationship before the December 2008 JOC contract was voted on.

3) Chris Oliver participated by making the motion to increase the amount paid to Ft. Bend Mechanical, the HCC Board voted on that motion.

4) We know that it was Art Tyler and Mary Spangler that were anxious to get the Chevron contract and solicited the Trustees by asking for minority venders, which included adding FBM to the Chevron contract.

5) We know that Chris Oliver voted for the Chevron contract knowing that Ft. Bend was going to be a subcontractor with Chevron.

6) We know that Rene Byas was told that Chris Oliver would get angry if told to file a disclosure.

7) We know that Jarvis Hollingsworth stated that as past Chair and Trustee Chris Oliver was aware that he should have filed a disclosure.

8) We know that Chris Oliver actively solicited business from HCC venders.

9) We know that Chris Oliver solicited Super Bowl tickets from an HCC vender.

10) We know that Chris Oliver made $18,000 dollars from his campaign funds disappear without accounting for them.

11) We know that Chris Oliver did not list the Super Bowl tickets on his campaign reports.

So who lied Richard Schechter or Larry Veselka when the remark is that Chris Oliver's action did not reach to the same level as Trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores? In fact we now have proof that HCC had in its' possession documents that absolved Trustee Flores from having to file a conflict of interest. So please Richard Schechter convince the people that you really want to remove the appearance of impropriety.


Thank you HCC for listening to the pleas for help from Kenneth Bridges. Thank you! I received the following on 7/7/2011.

Kenneth Bridges, security officer, was called by Tom Anderson today, Thursday, 7/7/2011.  Bridges has been given his 120 Hours of vacation and sick leave reinstated.  Has to give HCC a report from his Cancer Doctor from M.D. Anderson every 30 days.  Thanks for putting his letter in the insider.  Keep up the great job you are doing and my the Lord be with you.  You publish the truth and that is so helful.  Hope you can get to the bottom and get someone to look into all the illegal thinks and the payoff going on. Thanks again for all you help

God Bless

Emmanuel - "God with us", may the son of God be there for you Kenneth in this time of need.



Below is a video of Dave Wilson asking the HCC Board to rescind the censure of Trustee Flores. He makes the point that the Veselka report is wrong about Trustee Flores' son having been a subcontractor of Ft. Bend Mechanical a company that was performing work at HCC.

Tomorrow you will see where Richard Schechter misspeaks when he states that Chris Oliver did one thing wrong but has apologized therefore it did not arise to the same level. B.S. I will show where Chris Oliver may have actively solicited Super Bowl tickets from a Vender, I think I can prove that Chris Oliver may have been working with Ft. Bend Mechanical as early as 2007 and therefore was very active in voting and advocating for a company in which he was a subcontractor. I will show that Chris Oliver did not file his campaign reports properly. I think I can prove that Chris Oliver was allowed to back date his conflict of interest.

So why did they not censure Chris Oliver, that is the $64,000 question. I maintain that the HCC Board is so corrupt that the one person that was asking questions was creating problems and interfering with either malfeasance or corruption.

The Insurance Contract which Boris Miles had a very short time 14 days request for proposal. I soon will work on that but I wanted to point out, my opinion, that when HCC Board Trustees want to award a contract to a particular company the request for proposals or bids is done with the shortest time possible, with Chevron they did not even meet the minimum day requirement. As soon as there are enough hours in a day I will file a complaint with HCC, State Comptroller, Attorney General, and CC federal agencies in regards to the method HCC Board Trustees and Administration are using that may be possible malfeasance or corruption. Richard Schechter where is the "even the appearance of impropriety not allowed"?



Further proof that the administration of Mary Spangler was bent on getting a multi-million dollar contract for Chevron Energy Solutions.

1) Renee Byas (HCCS General Counsel) excerpt from Interview with Larry Veselka "Regarding Chevron, Ms. Byas felt some pressure from Dr. Tyler. She was advised that Dr. Tyler wanted to move on the deal as ASAP..."

2) Chevron did not get the highest rating it was Siemens with a score of 375 that had the highest score, Chevron Energy Solutions was second with 361, here is the score sheet.

3) Neta Sane (HCCS Board Trustee) excerpt from Interview with Larry Veselka "The Chevron contract doesn't make sense. There was a study done by a local firm who was paid $100,000. The company told them they didn't have money until a year or so, then eight months later they got Chevron $15 million out of California. Where did the company come from? ...What was the process for Chevron to get the contract -were there bids, did HCCS go out on street, how did they come about within two or three weeks, who was behind it?"

4) Jay Aiyer/Randhir Sahni (former HCC Board Trustee) excerpt from Interview with Larry Veselka "Mr. Aiyer(Sahni) received a call from an engineer who wanted them to participate on the project (Chevron) but the Request for Proposal response due in a week so they didn't go with it. He later found out Chevron got the project..."

5) This was a done deal before it the request for proposals even went out on the street, here, is the Energy Services Contract dated January 15, 2008. Chevron Energy Solutions was so sure that they were going to get the contract that they had prepared it over a year before it even went out on the street.

Something stinks about the Chevron contract but in all probability we will never know what went on behind the scenes, the contract is Void, here, but who will take HCC to court to void the contract? If the big boys in the media were paying attention to HCC they could move things but in the mean time the little person at HCC is the one suffering read the letter below. I have Mr. Bridges' permission to post but redacted personal information. HCC can spend millions to help their friends but can not do their duty in regards to a loyal employee.


Coming soon, Art Tyler claims that a vender (female) "showed skin" to proposition him, the Veselka Report is a joy to read.

Coming soon Chris Oliver; I maintain that Chris Oliver did not file a conflict until 2010 as that is when they asked, Oliver, Davila and Flores, I futher maintain that Chris was allowed to back date his conflict that is why there are differences between dates. Another example of Veselka failing to follow the evidence. The Veselka report provides futher proof that it was probably as mentioned above.

HCC is buying ads again in the Chronicle, that means they will influence what they write. There is a word that one calls a person that sells themselves for money.

Mary Spangler's and Chevron

New, The Veselka report provided more detail on Chevron including that they were not ranked number 1, it also showed the administration was pushing for it.

Larry Veselka failed to do his duty as an investigator, he failed to check his sources, if he had he would have found that Mary Spangler had a history with Chevron Energy Solutions and that the relationship could influence Mary Spangler's credibility. The premise begins that the Office of System Wide Compliance (OSC) in January 2010 found ... The OSC was not in existence in January 2010 Veselka could not even get that right, OSC was created to "investigate" Art and Mary, here. Veselka should be ashamed and at minimum return some of the money that he received. I guess it pays to be friends with Richard Schechter? Here is part of the Veselka report.

1) I will almost always highlight the subject matter that is relevant. On long documents use the tools to the right on pdf files as they will show what areas are highlighted.

2) Mary Spangler as Chancellor of Los Angeles Community College awarded Viron now Chevron Energy Solutions a sole source contract, here.

3) Mary Spangler was hired as Chancellor in March 2007, by June of the same year HCC had a proposal out for utility audit and conservation mangent, here. One can tell that the administration wanted this passed, see discussion, here. It is obvious from the discussion that much of what transpired was not recorded. HCC is probably the least transparent government entity in Harris County, they hide every thing or make it very difficult for the public to know what they are doing. Legacy was sufficiently upset about what occurred that they filed an open records request, here is the response to HCC.

4) On May 1, 2009 HCC posted a Request For Proposal (RFQ) a meeting to be held on the May 5th and a deadline of May 8th, here is the RFQ. Venders were irate at the short time period and made known that they were not happy with the seven (7) day deadline as a result HCC extended the deadline to May 13, here is the extension.

5) On May 21st in a special meeting the HCC Board voted to approve giving the contract to Chevron Energy Solutions, here are the minutes of the special meeting. The reason Chris Oliver is highlighted is because he was a subcontractor to Ft. Bend Mechanical. Ft. Bend Mechanical was a subcontractor to Chevron Energy Solutions. Chris Oliver not only engaged in the discussion he voted to approve it. Chris Oliver had just recently been made to sign a conflict because of his involvement with Ft. Bend Mechanical. Why was Chris Oliver not censured when there is obviously a clear conflict? Rumors are that he was only one of several trustees that were doing things that they were not suppose to, Trustee Flores was going to ruin their money making schemes if she kept digging is my opinion.

6) The Chevron Contract is VOID, state law requires a minimum of 14 days posting for a contract that exceeds $25,000 dollars, here is the Code that references the 14 days. Unfortunately the government does not seem to mind graft or corruption or even making sure that the rules are followed as they do not seek to look into possible wrong doing, this is especially true under Republican control, this is a personal opinion.

7) In Texas out of 15 Energy Saving Contracts only two were found to be saving money, here are the findings.

8) In 2009 Mary Spangler said it would save $600,000 a year, here, here are the budget numbers in 2008-2009 $12.3 million, in 2010-2011 $13.7 million, where is the savings? That is a $1.4 million increase in utilities, here and here are the budgets where I got the numbers from.

9) In April 2011 budget meeting Mary Spangler claims a $4 million savings, Trustee Flores inquires if energy savings is included, Schechter interrupts and states that it will be discussed in the May 2011 budget meeting. It is not discussed in the May budget meeting, what is the secret about Chevron that Richard Schechter wants to keep hidden? Who is benefiting from the contract?

I can not find the link that would indicate that Mary Spangler as Chancellor at Oakland Community College was instrumental in bringing in Chevron Energy Solutions, I apologize for making a statement that I can not back up with at minimum a link. I will continue searching as time allows. I can show, however, that Chevron was at Oakland at the same time Mary Spangler was there, here.


50,296 hits for the month of June, thank you.

Seems that Art and Mary have gone into hiding, they can run but they can not hide forever. I hear that there are some very irate HCC venders as Art Tyler made some disparaging remarks about them (he did, I have read them)some could consider the remarks slanderous. I will be posting what Art thinks about them soon. Have a Happy and save 4th of July! The latter part of this weekend I will post the Mary Spangler and Chevron connection. There are several full copies of the Veselka remarks circulating, I hope to have every thing by Monday.

For Art Tyler and Mary Spangler;

7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

1. Everything that you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another.
2. You cannot escape the consequences of your actions. What you do comes back to you.
3. You will see the long-term effects of your actions.
4. KARMA - The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny, especially, in his next incarnation.
5. What goes around comes around.
6. Your actions all have consequences. Don't ever be fooled into thinking that your actions don't have consequences. Don't think you can get away with bad choices even if you don't seem to get caught. Remember verse seven tells us that God cannot be mocked. He sees it all. You reap what you sow.


There seems to be an interest in the part about Art Tyler tape recording a conversation here is the part that is the Veselka Report. I am very glad that Veselka did not get the nomination as U.S. Attorney. If Veselka had bothered to do the first thing a good investigator does, check the source he would have found that the Office of System Wide was not in existence in 2009. That office was created by Art and Mary to clear themselves, here.

I want to appologize to the people that are referenced in the report, this is a public document that was paid for by taxpayers money, if you find issue with what is stated please contact HCC. If HCC sends me a sworn statement from Art Tyler stating that it is not true I will immediately remove it from the public domain. What Mr. Tyler seems to be doing is stating that the people that contacted him were engaged in some sort of bribery, "worth his (Art Tyler) while."

If rumors can launch investigations

The Veselka report is full of rumors for instance Neeta Sane states that she heard that Trustee Flores had her house done with HCC contractors. Not true but heck if we listen to rumors and take them into account, let me state some that I have heard, "Neeta Sane took $5,000 cash from J's Quality, that was not reported in her campaign reports, that is a rumor I heard. Let me tell you the rumor about Michael and Chris, "Chris is the bag man for Michael." The other rumor I heard is that Michael gets his rewards in the plate." Pays to be pastor, I guess. I have heard a lot of rumors about the eight stooges, but let me apologize to Curly, Larry, and Moe for referring to the other eight as stooges. The Veselka inquiry was a witch hunt initiated by Art Tyler and Mary Spangler, in my opinion. More rumors, Bruce Austin has had fund raisers almost every year but his campaign reports show no activity. Chris Oliver also received $5,000 cash from J's Quality. Rumor, Maryann Perez received $10,000 from Ft. Bend Mechanical but was not shown in the campaign reports. Rumor, Sandie Mullins has an interest in the property that they voted to buy this month. Rumor, Neeta Sane's husband has worked as a subcontractor with HCC venders. No rumors on Eva Lorado. Mr. Transparency I am going to research the rumors to see if I can verify. Folks the rumors I have mentioned are rumors, I have no reason to believe that any of the rumors are true but we don't launch $335,000 investigations based on rumors. That is not your money Trustees. That money belongs to the taxpayers, to the students, and to the people that teach at the college.

If I have an artist out there I would appreciate a political cartoon, this what is on my mind, Art and Mary sitting on a table full of expensive foods and wines and on the floor eight dogs with the photos of all but Flores eating the bones that they toss at them. I sure would appreciate someone doing it for me, Send it to Info.

We are about to file formal complaints with SAC about the situation at Houston Community College.

Rumor is that Art Tyler is offering $35,000 buyout to the counselors. Supposedly Mary is meeting with the Counselors today as she takes July as Vacation. Reminds me of Nero playing the violin as Rome burns.

6.29.2011 new

Veselka "Dr. Spangler, Art Tyler ...is further supported by the fact that their statements could be interpreted to implicate them in inappropriate conduct." The preceding language was used to justify the credibility of Mary Spangler and Art Tyler as compared to Trustee Abel Davila.

That is exactly what was happening if Veselka had spent half as much time investigating the "credible" persons he would have found that they were anything but credible. Within the next few days I will paint a picture of Mary Spangler that suggests that she was the one that was attempting to get votes to promote Chevron Energy Solutions.

1) I will show that while Chancellor at Los Angeles Community College Mary Spangler gave Chevron Energy Solutions (Viron at the time) a contract without going out for bids or RFQ.

2) I will prove that while Mary Spangler was Chancellor at Oakland Community College that Chevron Energy Solutions also received a contract.

3) I will prove that within months of Mary Spangler becoming Chancellor Chevron was awarded the energy auditing contract, there was some controversy over that.

4) That the Energy Saving Contracts was promoted by the Administration of Mary Spangler and that they were so anxious to give the contract to their friends that they posted the RFQ with a deadline of one week May 1 to 8.

5) That some vendors complained about the short deadline so they extended it until May 13 (less than 14 days no matter how you count).

6) I will show that the state law is very clear that a contract that exceeds $25,000 must be posted for a minimum of 14 days.

7) The administration of Mary Sprangler did not do a full service contract to avoid having to get state approval (staying under the amount).

It smells! The wolves set up the sheep by encouraging them to submit minority vendors to get support for Chevron and then turn around and accuse the sheep of being the wolves.

Should we start referring to her as Dirty Mary instead of Queen Mary? Leave your vote at this site.

Former Trustee Abel Davila told me that Jarvis Hollingsworth was in many of the Chevron meetings but I have not found where he was interviewed. He is also the one that tells Chris Oliver that he needs to quit speaking in favor of a company in which he is a sub contractor, here.

Word on the street; I heard from the rumor mill that Mary and Art went into hiding to avoid being served to stop the purchase of the 21.86 acres.

Larry Veselka was not chosen as US Attorney by President Obama. I have to agree on the decision as I certainly have concerns about Mr. Veselka's ability to remain objective based on how he handled the investigation of Yolanda Navarro Flores, Abel Davila, and Diane Olmos-Guzman. The word on the street was that Mr. Veselka's selection by his friend and fellow Democrat Richard Schechter was an attempt to give Veselka a high profile, "to add a feather to this cap." Don't know it to be true or not but I certainly don't think it will go down as a feather in anyone's cap. I am still wondering how Mr. Veselka gave so much credibility to Brad Deutser as to the "free work" on campaigns. Mr. Deutser receives over a $1,000,000 (million) a year from HCC, those are 1,000,000 reasons why there may be problems with being credible. Deutser claims that all three Flores, Davila, and Guzman did not report the campaign work he did for them. Mr. Davila stated to me that he told Brad Deutser to bill him for all work and assumed that he been billed and paid the invoice. Ms. Flores denies asking for his assistance and that she did not use him in any of her campaigns. I have not had a chance to meet with Ms. Olmos-Guzman. Ask your self why did Brad Deutser not invoice for his campaign work?

Was Art Tyler credible, I wonder if anyone that claims to be a medal of honor winner with heroism when he is not, can be a credible witness, more on Mr. Tyler later. However, at least one Board Trustee according to the word on the street stated "they have us by our balls, Art Tyler has been secretly taping our conversations". If that is true is Art Tyler blackmailing them? The Veselka report does indicate that Art Tyler secretly tape recorded one meeting.

Ask yourself this question, If Art Tyler knew or suspected that what was happening was illegal why did he not take it to the proper authorities. Why did Art Tyler sit on it? Certainly sounds that he had other reasons for not reporting alleged illegal activities. What were Art Tyler's duty as Vice Chancellor when he supposedly suspected illegal activities? Some thing stinks and it makes me wonder why Veselka did not ask those questions.

I wish that the FBI or the DA would get involved because if Art Tyler had one tape of illegal activities he probably has more than one, this is a good time to go after those tapes, Art Tyler all ready did the work for the Investigators. What a way to catch a bunch of crooks.


Thank You! We are on our way to over 50,000 hits this month.

Art Tyler "increasing tuition for in-district students won't be on the table" June 2010, article here. I would normally cite the article but it is fairly long, so I chose to pdf and highlight the HCC part. Thank you Houston Chronicle. The people running the institution do not know how to manage they are like the Wizard of Oz. Oh yes, faculty grow some, ask the Chancellor to show the payments received for the Qatar venture, then ask for the expenses. Our students are paying more while the Qatar students get HCC services for almost free.


Have added the following this weekend, charges against an HCC police officer, Lawsuit against HCC, Veselka report on Chris Oliver.

Where Mary Spangler goes Chevron/Viron Engergy Solutions is close behind, coming soon.

"I am sorry" and they kinda slap Chris Oliver a little BUT Censure Yolanda Navarro-Flores

What the Veselka report had on Chris Oliver (here see the attachment that goes with the report-illegal as heck). Remember Chris Oliver supposedly said "I am sorry" after the fact and he was forgiven. I believe, but have no proof, that all eight of the Trustees (not Flores) may have benefited from Ft. Bend Mechanical generosity (The rumor on the street was that Ft. Bend passed out $10,000 to most if not all the trustees. Some reported it in their campaign reports others did not report any amounts.). Twice Ft. Bend Mechanical was moved from a lower position to a higher position to allow it to become a JOC. After passing out money Ft. Bend Mechanical's TSU work was modified by an additional $200,000 dollars, here. The Transparency that Richard Schechter likes to brag about.

Following are some of the things that I have written about Chris Oliver and Ft. Bend Mechanical, here, here, here, here, here. There is a reason that I have not taken it to the DA, I think that a person inside the DA's office is compromised and will wait for a better time. The FBI has received much of the information.

Parts of the entire Veselka report have been trickling in, as soon as I can get all the report I will post it on line. There should be no secrets where taxpayer money is involved. Veselka may very well be a good attorney and I give him credit for at least attempting to go beyond Davila, Guzman, and Flores. It was is no secret that Michael Williams wanted to protect Chris, I know the rumors as to why but can not prove it if I could the FBI would know it also.

There will be more on the "Energy Saving Contract" as Mary Spangler has a history with Chevron. Believe that Mary and Art went out of the way to get the Board to support a contract that may or not save money. The contract rather than being a full service contract which would have required State review was structured to avoid review. The contract was not posted for the required 14 days. Chevron was doing the energy audit and had inside information on the bidding so a short time was to their advantage. For the record HCC does not have as many students as Mary keeps claiming she has problems with the truth, here are the official numbers and here is what Mary was claiming in 2009.

Erica Mellon grow some and do your job right and report the truth not what Richard Schechter spoon feeds you.

HCC Sued by Taxpayer

Houston Community College has been sued by David Buren Wilson to stop the purchase of the 21.86 acres that Inside HCCS exposed as possible malfeasance or corruption, see 6.20.2011 below. More news on the lawsuit at a later time. Heard that the lawsuit will be changed slightly and that the Judge will be Steven Kirkland.

From Queen Mary "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (Let them eat cake) in response to a Faculty Senate Resolution. Queen Mary makes $323,410 plus probably close to another $100,000 in perks (she probably spends that much on limos and eating at all the fancy restaurants in Houston and her travels at the taxpayer's expense), she paid herself for Ike work while on vacation with her companion Art Tyler in Rio promoting creation of Community College Campuses with other countries. I think that is about to blow up on their face, the word on the street is that Qatar is considering cancelling the contract and some former employees are filing a lawsuits against Art and Mary.

Officer Martinez was never in a position to hear Officer Portillo (JJ) Part I

Here is a map by Google Earth, I have marked the locations where JJ exited, Where Officer Martinez exited, and where the suspect exited. I added sound to the locations marked on the map.

I have added sound to the video to point out that Officer Martinez was never in a position to have heard Officer Portillo yell or shout. Officer Martinez in his statement however leads one to believe that he was. It is true that he did not hear anything. If that young woman that was by the door heard Officer Portillo please contact this site, contact us, Officer Portillo is a single parent supporting nine children, he is being railroaded by HCC and he needs your help. If anyone knows the young woman please let her know as Johnjay Portillo needs her to come forward and tell them that she hear him yell "Stop" or whatever she may have heard.

Martinez was not truthful when he said that JJ was not running, you saw the video he was. Martinez was inside the building when JJ was already out so he could not have seen JJ do or say any thing. Martinez in fact saw JJ running back to his car. Martinez and JJ were together when they started out to find the suspect. JJ was much further out which indicates that either JJ was running or Martinez was being very slow. Rumor is that "Get Portillo" came from the top for writing that letter to Dr. Ford.

New Video with Sound



Office Martinez, see below, makes the statement, I did not hear Johnjay Portillo, yell stop. That is a true statement.

I, John Doe, will make the statement that I did not hear Johnjay Portillo, yell stop. That would be a true statement.

There is one big difference, I John Doe, was not there, tonight I will prove that Officer Martinez while closer to the action was not there, either. He however, seems to imply that he was. Officer Martinez is the short kinda stocky officer that is the first HCC officer out the front entrance.

One comment made about what they read and saw below, "They are like the Mafia they will come after you if you cross them."

6.23.2011 Part II

John Portillo was he railroaded? Who tampered with a government document?

John Portillo (JJ) is a single parent with nine children five of which are adopted children, he was an officer with Houston Community College until recently. John made one mistake he dared send a letter pointing out some things that may need attention with the police department at HCC, remember Cunningham, see below? John wrote this letter to Dr. Ford. That letter was to start a nightmare that continues to this day. Some time later John made an arrest and was then accused by some HCC Officers of tampering with a government document, here are the charges. I have a short video clip that I would like for you to look at and than you be the jury, did John Portillo tamper with a government document or was it the officers that accused him that tampered? Read what Officer Martinez states about John Portillo, how John Portillo walked to the car and watch the video and you decide who is not being truthful. My opinion John Portillo is hauling ass to his car, I would vote that Officer Martinez was not truthful with his statement.

Did Officer Martinez make up the part about John walking to the car? The rumor is that he was under pressure from higher up, that is the rumor.

Here is a polygraph exam (lie detector) taken by Officer Portillo. I personally have one other question is why did the DA except the charges? Rumors are that HCC has someone on the inside that is compromised, that is a rumor I heard. I have no reason to either believe it or not, but there is something fishy in my opinion.

HCC community college in my opinion has engaged in "Witch Hunting" HCC must have taken notes from Joe McCarthy in learning how to go after its' perceived "enemies".

Let HCC know that you are fed up send them an email that you are sick and tired of the waste of taxpayer money. Send them an email (Board Services).

On the it is too funny, Word is that Mary is not using the limos to go to the airport now, she is now having an HCC officer in a patrol car drive her there and pick up her up. I guess that is one way to save money;-)

1) On the first two scenes you see the suspect running, then you see the suspect slow down as there was a Metro Officer in front;

2) You will notice that the HCC officers heading out the doors, no way that Officer Martinez could have seen JJ coming out other entrance;

3) Notice that right after the young woman looks toward the right that the suspect moves faster;

4) You will seen JJ hauling ass from the top of the screen, Officer Martinez was not truthful about JJ walking to his car:



The News that HCC does not want you to hear about Qatar.

Qatar Students file protest to remove HCC dean for incompetence

"DOHA: The nine-month old Community College of Qatar (CCQ) functioning under the Supreme Education Council (SEC) has run into a controversy with a group of students reportedly lodging a complaint with the higher authorities seeking dismissal of the American Dean of the college...." Here is the story in its' entirety, in case it disappears here is a pdf of the story. Those 74 students represent about a fourth of the student body as only 300 students were enrolled.

We will be looking at some of the properties that HCC has purchased recently, for instance the purchase of the Planned Parenthood building. The property is appraised at about $1.8 million and $1.3 million, why did HCC pay $5 million?

In the rumor department the word out on the street is that Chris Oliver will be the sacrificial lamb. His "friends" are making plans to defeat him this November or to ease him out.

In the I told you so, last year I was posting that HCC was not being honest in its assessment as to the budget, the other choice they really do not have an idea as to what is going on. Here is a link to the minutes June 2010 meeting where they voted to give pay raises of course the highest pay raises went to the highest salaries, hint Chancellor one and Chancellor two. The pay raise was based on percentage of salary, do you think that the big buck people are giving up that pay raise to help balance the budget? It is always the grunts that do the work that are made to suffer for the incompetence of the big buck people.

HCC recently approved a 6.1 million dollar insurance contract, we will be looking into that as time allows.


According to one real estate expert evaluation of what the property is worth, 6.20.2011, "More like $800,000. And if the seller found a real fool - 4mil max. " They did not find one fool they found eight, Richard and Michael, Maryann and Eva, Neeta and Sandie, and Bruce and Chris, I think we should present them with fools of the year awards, send them an email and let them know what you think of them. Here is the email link to get the message to them.

Coming soon how to save money the HCC way, hire a consultant at $300,000 to give recommendations on how to save $400,000. Think on that, we are paying over $600,000 to two chancellors who do not know how to balance a budget.


Is There corruption in the purchasing of property by Houston Community College?

"The Harris County Judge had this to say on over payment "The county attorney has already turned over the findings of his investigation to District Attorney Pat Lykos for possible criminal action. As Emmett pointed out, "If we overpaid, Edwin either did it out of malfeasance or corruption. Those are the only two options." Here is the article. So what if HCC makes those $900,000 look like chump change, what does that make HCC? Who is getting the windfall? Some of the Trustees? People on the inside? People on the outside? Are there kickbacks? Who?

The purchase of 21.86 acres for 8.3 million dollars by HCC is either malfeasance or corruption according to how Judge Emmett defines over payment. We have reason to believe that the property in question is worth about 2.6 million dollars according to the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD).

Here is the description of the property as found in the June HCC agenda.

Here is the appraised value of what we believe is the property described, the tract of land that we are posting (I had help with this, in fact it was brought to my attention with a call from a friend to tell me what he had found).

Here is how my friend was able to find the property using the tracts as supplied by HCAD, by using the acreage amount and description he was able to state with some certainty, it may be possible that it is not the property but that is the only property that matched the description.

Here is a google map of the property in question.

The law seems to favor secrecy when government entities like HCC engage in the purchase of property, here. I am not sure why that is the case because HCC is able to condemn property and obtain the property for a fair market value. This secrecy when in the hands of unscrupulous people can lead to corruption that may be untraceable and no action can be taken until after the damage is done.

Here is how much HCC negotiated for the property. I have talked to some people that deal with commercial property and they state that 1.5 times is about the maximum that one would normally pay for undeveloped commercial property that would put the value at the maximum of 3.9 million dollars that is still more than four millions less than what HCC negotiated for. This deal has a smell that should reach all the way to Washington.

The Bank may or may not know that the property in all probability is not worth the money that HCC is paying but they don't care because HCC is using student tuition and fee money (general fund money) as collateral. This is not how banks normally finance property, they require a percentage down, 20% down of the value of the property is pretty typical at the present. In this case the bank does not care what the property is worth they may not even know what HCC wants the money for and they may not care, but someone at HCC must have an idea that the property would not stand on itself as to the value that is why they went a different route for finding money to purchase the property.

What is the urgency in buying this property that we are willing to pledge tuition and fees as collateral for this property that will sit there vacant for who knows how many years. In ten years according to the agenda item HCC taxpayers will pay nearly $12 million dollars for a property worth $2.6 million to sit vacant. Mean while students have had the largest tuition and fee increase in history and faculty is about to get clobbered by the administration and the eight stooges.

Where are the studies that would indicate a need for a campus at that location? Art Tyler knows that studies are done to justify new campuses and purchases of property, he used to do it before, here. There are no studies that we are aware off. HCC has two campuses that are not to capacity within a 10 mile radius the Alief Campus and the Spring Branch Campus. I have indicated on those two maps where the property that HCC is buying is located. There is also the Katy Campus, but the Comedians that presently serve as "Trustees" are dreaming if they think that Katy would ever vote to be annexed by HCC, they have as much chance as they did with Spring Branch.

There is some thing to this deal that smells worse than the manure that can be found at the property that they are purchasing, below is a picture of the property from ground level. Richard Schechter where is the "Transparency" you promised?




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